The Grand Superior

Located on the east wing, the grand superior constitutes the crown jewel of the Forest Park hotel. The mesmerizing view from the balcony will make you feel part of the nature. Comfortable and warm, will make your stay memorable!

The Superior

The standard room of the east wing lags nothing in terms of comfortable and warmth. The best option for guest that need to enjoy the feeling and tranquility of the forest.

The Classic

Part of the traditional west wing rooms, The Classic is the room where kings and celebrities enjoyed their stay at the Forest Park hotel. Fully upgraded for the modern era but with a touch from the past.

The Big Classic

Similar to the classic, the Big Classic room of the west wing can comfortably accommodate up to four guests. The traditional touch will make your stay a thing to remember.

The Classic Family

What best than to enjoy nature among your loved ones? The Classic Family room of the west wing is the perfectly designed room for families looking to escape and relax.