Forest Park Hotel Platres first drawings

The Grand Opening

Designed by Israeli architect Samuel Barkai and engineer Benzian, the hotel was inaugurated by the island's English Governor in July 1936

1936 - 1938

Daphne Du Maurier

The British author, during her stay at the Forest Park Hotel, was inspired and wrote her famous novel "Rebecca" which was later transferred to the big screen by Alfred Hitchcock, wining an Oscar for Best Picture



During the second world war, the hotel was commandeered by the British army, and operated as a military hospital.


A Hotel for Kings

In 1946 the young King Faruk, the last king of Egypt visits the hotel. During his stay the barman creates the iconic Brandy Sour, a cocktail that looks like tea, as the Muslim king is not allowed to be seen drinking alcohol in public.


Seferis' Platres

In the mid 50s Platres can be compared with the current cosmolitan resorts. Geroge Seferis was one the guests of Forest Park Hotel, where he wrote the famous verse "The nightingales won't let you sleep in Platres" for his poem "Helen"


The first Hotel Pool

The breath-taking outdoor pool of the Forest Park Hotel was the first one ever constructed in Cyprus. The famous afternoon "Tea Dances" used to gather the avant-garde of the island every Sunday!


The big expansion

In 1990 the construction of the new east wing begins. A few years later the hotel will take its final form with the addition of the new Superior Rooms!